S&E Partners has participated in several strategy projects for both Multinational Groups and family run business..

S&E Partners understands strategy as planning the company for the future, aligning the organization and people.

Ours strategy services:

  • Strategy formulation
  • Strategy Health Check
  • Strategy monitoring and execution
  • Reorganization process, restructuring process and business redefinition
  • Management team appraisal, Business Plans
  • Management team appraisal
  • Business Plans
  • Operational Plans
  • Commercial development plans
  • Feasibility studies

El proceso de formulación de la estrategia de S&takes into the account the strategic dialog for the definition and selection of the strategy counting on, at all times, the ownership interest..

S&&E Partners: we involve and commit ourselves with our customers through a complete business cycle : both in the strategy , and organization design as well as its execution. .